'Top Doctor' Lists are a Dangerous Scam
September 2, 2016Source: www.linkedin.com

Do you know who the best orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles are? How about the top neurosurgeons in New York? Do you know how to quickly and accurately identify the most successful cardiologists in Nevada?

I do.

With billions of rows of quantifiable outcomes data, physician performance transparency pinpoints doctors who are objectively good at what they do. The outcomes are real, unaltered and unadulterated. Unfortunately, they are also widely unavailable.

While I have the information, it is likely that you do not. That’s because while some health systems are starting to offer information about provider performance, not enough are leading the shift to patient-centered care.

So how do most people find the “best” doctors? Word of mouth. Online reviews. The number of awards listed on a doctor’s website.

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